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Email Advertising

Have you thought about cost effectively emailing outdoorsmen information about your product?

We can help!

Sports Select has over 1,300,000 sportsmen deliverable emails. Programs can be deployed to our general sportsmen audience or we can target specific demographics for you.

Response rates depend on your tag line, the product offered, the call to action, the number of links and the content. You can expect a 2.5% 5% open rate and a 5% to 10% click through rate from the opens. We will save these opens and collect them into your personal “white file”. When you want to email these specific clients who have already expressed interest in your product we can do that for you.

Only want to target certain states?

No problem. We can tailor your deployments exclusively to the areas you want…down to zip codes if needed.

Don’t currently have an in house email file or e-newsletter program?

Don’t worry, we can help create one for you through our own in-house program that will be more effective and cost efficient than doing it on your own. We’ve been emailing sportsmen for almost 10 years and would love to help you create a digital marketing program to outdoorsmen.

Who we target:

Select has a database of 1,300,000 outdoorsmen. We have built our database over the last 20 years through our direct mail efforts.


You can email up to 400,000 outdoorsmen of all types or select from several demographics.

How it works:

  • Week 1, we deploy your email to up to 400,000 outdoorsmen. We are able to observe and measure the email recipients actions, opens and clicks and other elements of this email through our analytic metrics.
  • Week 2 & 3 we send your specific follow-up e-mail to all of the contacts who opened the initial email, putting your name, products and website directly into their inbox.

*Artwork can be maintained or changed at anytime to provide new information or to experiment with different messages.

*We do not give out the email addresses in our list

* We do encourage clients to have a registration/sign-up form to facilitate capturing email addresses and contact information


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